Marcus Mariota
NFL quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Member since birth
“My brother and I grew up in the Kaiser system. It was so helpful for us and we wouldn't ever trade that for anything. They made my life easy; they made my family's life easy. It was a truly comfortable situation for us and we're thankful we're part of their family.”

Joe Lileikis
Educator, Swim Coach, and Cancer Survivor
“Many people in the Oncology area were just incredibly awesome with helping and I couldn't have asked for better care and guidance.”

Lei & Brad Tada
Appreciates the great care from the Neonatal Intensive Care staff
“Our baby was six weeks early and we spent three weeks in the NICU and now we’ve come home with a perfectly healthy, beautiful baby girl. The NICU staff is just wonderful. It was such a great experience for both of us.”

James “Kimo” Cuizon
“Kaiser's been a very beneficial part of my life.”

Frank Smith
Member for more than 40 years
“When you need that emergency treatment, I just really can't say enough for the Kaiser physicians. I really appreciate them and it was great…they are real professionals and real experts and I think they did a great job for me.”

Thor Kamakaala
Extreme Athlete
“Fortunately I went to was a great experience for me. They were there for me, to help me out, to get me back to where I wanted to be.”

Blaine Shimizu
Firefighter, Registered Nurse
“The medical care is great. It's very convenient. The prices are very competitive.”

Stephen H. Nii
Small business owner, Nii Superette
“Kaiser is still the number one choice because of price and quality of care.”

Nicole Okamura
Member since 2014
“There's a personal touch to my care. I do feel that I belong to a team of people that has my best interest at heart.”

April Ikeda
Member since 2008
“I just love Kaiser because I can get everything done at the same place ... It's just really nice to do it all in one stop.”

Guy Benjamin
Member for fifteen years
“The care I got from Kaiser and Dr. Santi, they've been wonderful...”

Christine Lawson
Member for forty-one years
“I cannot say enough about how happy I've been to have done the surgery and come out in such good shape and it allows me to keep doing what I want to do...from hip replacement to half-ironman...It couldn't have been better.”

Jeannie Chesser
Member for twenty years
“Once I put all my trust in my doctors, in Dr. Carney, I felt totally relaxed and that she's only gonna do good for me. I am living proof that Kaiser works.”

Jennifer Purcell
Member for forty years
“I'm very comfortable with Kaiser. They treat me with care and respect and they're always rooting for me. I'm very, very content with the people at Kaiser. I wouldn't go anywhere else.”

Mahie Trask Murakami
HGEA Retirees Unit Administrator Member for forty years
“Everything that I need to take care of me is right there. It's the convenience - being able to get everything you need taken care of - under the umbrella. I'm happy with the care, with the convenience of it all, and I don't have any need to look anywhere else.”